Are you having a hard time with overseas distribution? 
If you are interested in the fulfillment business, B2B or B2C overseas business, please pay attention.
AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a robot-operated system like 'Kiva', an automated pick-up system used by Amazon, 
which helps reduce packing and shipping times by quickly moving products according to pre-populated plans.
Fulfillment By Silicon2 
01   9,400㎡  Logistics center
02   AGV Automatic Robot System 
03   Distribution to 100 Countries
04   Real-Time Inventory Shipping
Would You Like To Open An Overseas E-Commerce Store?
From Flagship Store Operation to Logistics Delivery.
The logistics center is operated with Silicon2's E-Commerce know-hows and state of the art AGV system.
There are already many brands that have joined us!​
e.g. TonyMoly, MoonShot, Holika Holika, etc.
Partner Channels
01  Amazon
02  T-mall
 03   Qoo10
 04  Lazada
 05   On Demand Korea