Hello, I’m Jason.

Over 20 years engaging in distribution industry, we, at SILICON2, have realized that we are more than just selling products; we strive to build trusts and connections between manufacturers and customers.

In order to respond uncertainties and rapidly changing environment, we will continue to take on our role as a messenger that contributes to meet every needs of both manufacturers and customers with everyday-better services.

Based on our trustworthy resources and networks accumulated, we will make ceaseless efforts and investments to develop mutual growth with our partners.

Thank you.


Kim Sung Woon

SILICON2 Co., Ltd. - STYLEKOREAN.COM  I  CEO. Kim Sung Woon  I  Business Licence No. 214-87-03359

#907, Phase S. H-SQUARE, 680 Sampyeong-Dong, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

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